What is leadink?

leadink plays with leadership, mindset, and communication. It sends out ideas that are useful for your day-to-day interactions and are fun to read. A few sources of inspiration:

Are you getting curious? Excellent! You might enjoy this newsletter and community.

Who you are, and why leadink will help you

leadink is for motivated people who want to grow and be more satisfied with their interactions in their professional and private lives. Leadership goes beyond the office environment. It’s becoming an important part of our lives. leadink will help you:

  • Become confident in your communication

  • Find your leadership style and skills

  • Build relationships and trust

  • Make significant decisions

  • Work with your emotions

  • Collaborate successfully

  • Build self-conscious

This newsletter and community are going to be helpful if you are an (aspiring) manager, work in a start-up or a corporate environment, run your own business, or often collaborate with different types of people.

Free leadink vs Paid leadink

leadink publishes one free post every Thursday about various leadership topics (e.g., skills, teamwork, communication). It is your weekly inspiration to help you grow.

But if you sign up for the paid tier, you get access to the full experience:

  1. Deep dives and real-life case studies

  2. Access to private Discord community

  3. Access to full archive and resources

I’m working on making the paid tier interesting. So you can have fun with different types of content and interactions. If you are not sold, just send me an email and we can hook you up with a free trial.

If you want in, it’s $6 a month or $60 a year. That is less than the price of two coffees.

Btw. Check if you can expense leadink as part of an education allowance. Some employers are open to covering it.

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About the author

My name is Ivona, and my biggest wish is to help others become leaders. Leadership is a lifestyle. I worked as a manager in different corporate companies that had one thing in common - they did not support the growth of their employees.

I set up my own company in 2022. Since then I have trained and coached people in various industries. Yet, my ultimate vision is to create an online community that supports every member.

We are better together. leadink is here to inspire and motivate you to find your own way.

PS: When I don’t work, I paint. :)

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