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Podcast #3: On Becoming a Manager

Podcast #3: On Becoming a Manager

Tina Worthing: Transitioning into a management role can be difficult but you are not on your own.

With 25 years of experience, Tina Worthing is a pro at helping first-time managers find their way.

How difficult is it to become a manager? How do companies support first-time managers? What skills do good managers have? What mistakes do new managers make and what can we do about them? And can anyone become a manager?

This episode is rich with suggestions and practical tips on how to navigate your transition into a management role.

Yes, the process can be less painful.

“You have it within you to be a great manager.” - Tina Worthing

Content of this episode:

  • 00:52 – Tina’s career

  • 02:33 – Why is it difficult to transition into a management role?

  • 06:18 - Companies underestimate good managers' value

  • 09:28 - Mentoring future managers

  • 10:46 - Tina’s framework: What qualities good managers should have

  • 14:42 - Building confidence as a manager

  • 19:00 - Good managers are made

  • 20:25 - A mistake first-time managers make and what to do about it

  • 26:25 - How can we support first-time managers in their development

  • 32:30 - Tina’s contacts

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