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Podcast #8: Servant Leadership

Podcast #8: Servant Leadership

Oakland McCulloch: Leadership is about putting people in your organization first.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Oakland McCulloch, the author of Your Leadership Legacy: Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be, is the next guest on the leadink podcast.

Based on 40+ years of leadership in the U.S. Army and subsequent civilian positions, Oak highlights principles that will benefit today’s leaders and inspire tomorrow's leaders.

Oak gives presentations on leadership, success, communication, history, and many more.

“Today’s leaders have a responsibility to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.” - Oak McCulloch

This podcast episode gives you insights into servant leadership, organizational culture, and the importance of getting a mentor. Hear about the benefits of putting people first.

Please grab a cup of coffee, and let’s listen.

This episode contains:

  • 00:56 – Oak’s career

  • 02:02 - What is servant leadership?

  • 04:41 - How do you put people first?

  • 06:22 - Qualities of a servant leader

  • 10:13 - How to avoid micromanagement

  • 15:05 - You have to train people when you want them to reach standards

  • 17:29 - How to train leaders

  • 19:32 - Leaders are readers - 3 biographies worth reading

  • 23:23 - Servant leadership in organizational culture

  • 29:12 - Be a mentor & get a mentor

Meet Oak:

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