Feb 1 • 22M

Podcast #1: Get Rid of Stress With Assertiveness

Martin John: Learn to communicate your boundaries.

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Ivona Hirschi
You might learn a thing or two about leadership, mindset, and communication.
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Meet Martin John. Martin considers himself a true “people person” whose engaging, open, and collaborative manner has seen him build effective and long-lasting relationships across geographies, cultures, and organizational hierarchies throughout his career.

He’s a mastermind at negotiation and assertiveness. That is why I invited him to help you become more assertive since it’s an invaluable skill for your work/personal relationship.

Listen to Martin’s stories and learn from him how to become assertive.

Find out more about his work: https://www.martinjohn-training.com/

Content of this episode:

  • 1:16 - Martin’s career journey

  • 3:32 - What is assertiveness?

  • 7:34 - Assertiveness in business

  • 11:19 - When no is really no

  • 13:00 - Benefits

  • 16:44 - Train yourself

  • 20:13 - Find your way and get the outcomes you want

Meet Martin:

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