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Podcast #2: How to Be Happy Every Day

Podcast #2: How to Be Happy Every Day

Chris Croft: Happiness a life-long journey.

Known for his amazing work, Chris Croft has inspired people for 25 years.

Chris is a writer, keynote speaker, and one of the world’s leading trainers on a wide variety of topics. To date, Chris has trained some 87 000 people face to face and eighteen million on-line.

We talked about happiness and practical strategies for how to be happy every day.

Content of this episode:

  • 00:53 – Chris’s career

  • 04:11 – Happiness course

  • 08:10 – Hedonistic happiness

  • 12:42 – Eudaimonic happiness

  • 16:25 – The importance of setting the right goals

  • 21:35 – How to combine short-term and long-term happiness

  • 23:40 – Laziness is a killer

  • 25:00 – Happy cafe & newsletter

  • 28:46 – Ikigai

  • 30:13 – How to get rid of negative emotions to be happy

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