Coming soon!

In the survey, you mentioned you want to learn about leadership, improve communication, and feel confident about dealing with conflicts, feedback, or boredom with teams and your career.

We all are in different stages of our careers. Yet, I want to bring you together and participate in a leadership challenge.

We will have a weekly topic and task to get you out of your grey routine and look at communication in a different light. Let’s share our experiences and motivate each other in a Discord community.

Leadership is best learned when shared.

The challenge is not for free - you will pay with your time, but I promise it’s going to be fun!

The topics are based on your feedback. We will look at:

  • Team motivation

  • Vision communication

  • Change management

  • How to build self-awareness

  • Building psychological safety at work

  • Managing different personalities

  • Managing your (difficult) boss

  • Encouraging productive disagreement

  • Stop feeling bored and tired of your job

Stay tuned for details! Hope to see you on board.